Why We Go to Therapy in the Midst of a Global Pandemic
by Taylor Spaziani, Respark Intake Coordinator
Being in the middle of surviving a global pandemic has all of us humans feeling all over the place with our emotions. Our feelings are riding a roller coaster ride, and we’re beginning to feel as if we are crazy. Most of us are saying, how can I do anything right now, let alone therapy?! 
Being in the middle of a global pandemic is forcing a lot of us to sit with parts of ourselves that we are usually too busy to confront. 
Some of us were lucky to keep our jobs, but the thought of being productive can freeze us and make us feel stuck. We are hearing from clients that they are working harder than they ever have before, attempting to make themselves more valuable. 
Some clients are worried they might have the virus and others are experienced their loved ones are dying from afar. Some of us are experiencing pre-exposed grief, worrying about our loved ones at risk. Some of us are grieving over lost plans for 2020, while others are planning for 2021. There is no right what to handle this.
We have clients that are on the frontlines, healthcare workers and first responders, working tirelessly and exposing themselves to the virus. We are offering now offering free support groups for first responders HERE.
Thankfully, many are able to work from the safety of their home. However, that can also come with so many adjustments. Switching to homeschooling, wearing multiple hats within an hour and multitasking. 
It’s ok if you are feeling lonely and bored. It can feel very uncomfortable to all of the sudden be alone with our thoughts. And, it’s also ok to embrace solitude and enjoy this time to regroup. Some are struggling with their bodies, and quarantining is threatening the work they have done, while others are finding new and creative ways to stay healthy and exercise. It’s normal to be struggling with depression and anxiety, creating a constant whirlwind of emotions and it’s also okay if you are living more stable.  
The point is that this pandemic is giving us all a lot to ponder. Our dreams are crazy right now and people we haven’t thought about in a long time are visiting us in them. We’re thinking about long lost lovers and friends and we’re in need of human connection more than ever right now. Going to therapy in the middle of global pandemic allows you the space to process all your thoughts. Your online therapy session gives you a moment in the day to complain and grieve as well as learn new coping strategies and plan for the future if you’d like. Going to therapy reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect or productive during this time. Going to therapy normalizes the collective trauma that we are all experiencing and reminds us that the parts of ourselves that we usually ignore are coming up furiously. We understand that therapy isn’t for everyone which is also why we have set up a full coaching program for those that want a more collaborative and solution focused strategy session. However, if you can’t go to therapy or coaching in the middle of a global pandemic, We highly encourage you to take this essential time to allow yourself a time and space to process. Process deep, my friends, because this collective trauma isn’t going anywhere, and only together will we get through this stronger. 
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