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What Makes Respark Therapy Effective?

By Respark Owner, Heather McPherson LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST

Couples Therapists and Sex Therapists come from different backgrounds, have different levels of training, and use a wide range of theories. We know each of our clients require a unique approach, which is why we’ve built a specialized group practice of highly-qualified therapists. We have knowledgable therapists from all different walks of life. Some have children and are married and others have a different perspective and history. Each of their life experiences bring something different to the process and can make therapy impactful and change provoking. Even so, there are core components that set you up for successful and effective therapy, no matter which Respark Therapist you choose.

An Effective Therapy Session Require

  • Commitment to doing the work, reading the recommended book(s), watching the recommended video(s), and other homework assignments outside of your sessions
  • Being honest about your history and what’s happening presently
  • Being able to tolerate some emotions with the knowledge that skill building, growth and change is the goal

Tips to Receiving Feedback

  • Remaining open to feedback and different perspectives
  • Direct, no nonsense talk about the issues
  • Guidance about how to move forward
  • Remembering your Respark Therapist wants you to succeed

Successful Clients Value the Following

  • Strong and healthy relationships
  • Gaining education and understanding the issues at hand
  • Optimism for the future

Understanding the Process

  • Often times feeling better require hard truths and confronting fear
  • The goal of therapy is not to “fix” you, the goal is improve outlook, accomplish goals, learn new skills, and grow
  • Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective means letting go of your current perspective or outlook

Steps to be Successful

  • Commit to at least 4-6 visits, however in rare cases goals can be accomplished in 1-2 sessions
  • Do the homework and/or talk about the barriers that are preventing it
  • Be honest, direct, and straightforward during counseling
  • Expect improvement and work towards change with the help and guidance of your therapist
  • A therapist that will be with you every step of the way
If you’ve read to the end (even if you skimmed!), we think you are ready. Take the next step and try us on for fit.
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