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LGBTQ+ Therapy

About LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapy Services

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Welcome! Respark is a confidential, all-inclusive, group psychotherapy practice serving clients online and from offices in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas

We are a team of highly-specialized therapists with a combined 40+ years experience serving our clients’ individual and relationship needs. We provide the most up to date and effective therapy because our clinicians are highly trained in relationship issues as well as sexuality issues. At Respark Therapy, we commit to a judgment-free, compassionate and authentic relationship with you through every twist and turn of your journey.

At Respark, we offer sex-positive, affirming therapy. We welcome people from all walks of life. We are experienced and knowledgeable of all expressions and orientations. We are trained in  LGBTQQIA issues, which can include same-sex attraction, gender identity/gender care, and gender nonconformity. Several therapists on our staff also specialize in transgender issues.

Expertise includes:

  • Difficulty discussing sexual topics with your partner
  • Family of origin issues including abuse, neglect, snd trauma
  • Shame or confidence issues
  • Identity questions or sexual development exploration