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Respark Client Care Director, Taylor Spaziani Shares Influential Resources

Taylor Spaziani’s is our client relations director at Respark Therapy & Associates. She is in graduate school in Denver, Colorodo and soon will become a couples therapist and sex therapist. Here are some of her influential media resources that have helped her along in her journey.

“There have been many books, podcasts, and public figures who have inspired my career around sex therapy. I can honestly say that exploring the materials and resources in this field only creates a deeper love and meaning for me and my role in this community. 

Some resources that really sparked my interest in the field of sex therapy was a lot fo Dr. Chris Donaghue’s work. Dr. Chris is the Clinical Education Director for the Sexual Health Alliance, the premier training organization in the country that has Sex Therapy, Educator and Counselor Certification programs and also gives AASECT CEs towards AASECT Certification. I started listening to his podcasts he was in at the time with Amber Rose, and began reading his books. Sooner than later, I found myself realizing that this is the field I belong in, and I could not wait to begin my work in helping others embrace their unique and individual sexualities. 

Materials that I am currently engaging with are “Come As You Are,” by Emily Nagoski, Sex Rules! by Janice Zarro Brodman and Letters to a Young Therapist by Mary Pipher (gifted to me by a professor in my program).

I am listening to podcasts such as The Couple’s Therapist Couch with Shane Birkel, Loveline with Dr. Chris Donaghue, the OCD stories, Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza, Holly Randall Unfiltered, 2 Onions with Dani Daniels, Where Should We Begin? with Ester Perel. 

All of these materials hold such deep meaning to my heart and with every page they transform my learning. I think many of these mentioned in this list are staples in the sexual health professional industry, and should be engaged with by everyone to further their knowledge. I am passionate about advocating for the field of sex work and sex workers, so listening to podcasts and reading books that deepen my knowledge on their perspective helps me continue my fight for their community. 

Materials I have engaged with in the past that made a large impact on my development were books like “The Gift of Therapy” by Yalom, “Rebel Love” by Dr. Chris Donaghue, “Privilege Power and Difference” by Allan G Johnson, “Tell Me What You Want” by Dr. Justin Lehmiller, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Frankl, “Wait for The Corn” by Vic Cipolla (book by a porn performer’s husband).

I listened to podcasts like “From He To She in First Grade” which helps people empathize with the transgender identity. I’ve watched documentaries like Sex Around The World (Netflix), and Gen Silent, which gave me a new perspective on different types of sexual norms and values in other cultures, and an inside view on the aging LGBTQ+ population. 

A book that sits on my shelf waiting to be read is “Self Esteem” by McKay and Fanning. Sexual Health Alliance, (SHA) presenter Melissa Novak recommended it, and I haven’t gotten around to opening it yet! Excited for all to come.”

Thanks Taylor for all your helpful resources for anyone looking to become a sex therapist, coach or educator!

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