What makes Respark unique?

by Jehree Anderson and Heather McPherson

Respark is a therapeutic group practice with offices in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas. We see clients from all different corners of those states through online therapy.  Our couples therapists, individual therapists, and sex therapists are all down to earth, easy to talk with and give a comfortable safe space for all.  

We held an optional retreat in the mountains west of Denver in Breckenridge last month to discuss all things Respark! We all intuitively know why Respark is unique, however, we wanted to understand how we each conceptualized it. 

Our team of Austin and Denver Sex and Couples Therapists brainstormed several keywords that best describe us at Respark.

Bilingual therapists: We have therapists on staff that speak more than one language! Vielca our Respark Austin Therapist speaks Spanish and English. 

Welcoming therapeutic experience: We provide a confidential, safe and comfortable environment to all who come to Respark. 

No BS approach: Our therapists provide direct but supportive and gentle feedback. 

Kink- knowledgable: All our therapists in both Denver and Austin are highly trained by the world’s experts on kinks, fetishes and BDSM. Check out kink therapy here.

Non-shaming: We understand that shame does not motivate change. 

Inclusive: Respark is all-inclusive of all relationships, cultural and sexual practices including the LGBTQIA community. Here are some of the concerns related to open, poly or swinger relationship therapy or LGBTQ Therapy.

Therapists with diverse backgrounds: Many of our therapists come from different walks of life and have different experiences that help contribute to their therapeutic practice. Several of our therapists have kids, have lived in different countries, have traveled to 30+ countries, We have therapists in their 20s, 30s and 40s. 

Non-biased: Austin and Denver Therapists at Respark are open-minded and have seen it all…

Community: Our team fosters a sense of community and have become great friends and colleagues.

Specialized group practice in sex therapy: Respark is a highly specializes group practice with advances training in sex therapy that can be taught individually, with couples, or in a group setting.

Compassionate: We believe compassion is one of the key ingredients and is the difference between good therapy and great therapy. 

Collaboration: We have the unique ability to consult and collaborate with our team of highly skilled therapists. So many therapists practice in isolation and struggle. At Respark we are thankful to be able to get help, offer resources to each other when needed and support and encourage one another in our work.

Non-judgemental: Therapists at Respark are non-judgmental and affirming. We walk with you on this journey and will offer kind and encouraging words along the way. 

Strong admin support: Our admin support is exceptional and truly amazing. They are in contact with clients with a very short wait and assist them with their needs and matching them with the perfect therapist.

We love our Respark Team!

Contact us to schedule an appointment 512-537-0922.

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