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Is monogamy really possible? Or is it just not natural?

On an episode of Dr. Phil in 2012, Dr. David Ley appeared to discuss sexual desire and monogamy. Dr. David Ley explained a huge component of attraction, facial symmetry. Women are more attracted to people with facial symmetry, as our brains analyze symmetry as having good DNA to reproduce with. 

Dr. Phil asked David Ley, “is monogamy really possible? Or is it just not natural?” 

David’s response was, “No, I don’t think monogamy is natural. Our bodies are designed to not be monogamous. Male and female sexuality evolved in an arm’s race, each men and women trying to control whose eggs, sperm, etc made the babies.”

Our take is that for some couples and individuals, monogamy is the best solution and structure for their life. For others it is not. Our society is set up to favor monogamy however for some, it’s just not realistic.

Watch the segment of the episode here:


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