Austin couples therapist, Breanna Ansley shares a few details about her life as a sex therapist in Texas. Brenna also has experience seeing clients in rural areas in Texas in online therapy. Here are some of her influential media resources that have helped her along in her journey.

Books recommended by our Austin Sex Therapist

A few books that have influenced our Texas Sex Therapist, Brenna Ansley are:

  • “Come as You Are” by Emily Nagoski
  • “Two Graphics Memoirs” by Alison Bechdel

Brenna believes these are two main essential readings for sex therapists, as she really enjoys using the concepts in her work with clients. Come As You Are is very normalizing and informative. Two Graphic Memoirs enjoys the cyclical way the story is written. She gets something new out of these books every time she reads them, and can relate to the author in how her understanding of life events change as she gets older and how she explores the meaning of her life through different theories and literary themes.

Recommended Podcasts

A few podcasts that Brenna enjoys listening to are:

  • Ester Perel’s “Where Should We Begin?”
  • Dr. Jess O’Reilly’s “Sex with Dr. Jess,” (fun fact, our Founder of Respark, Heather McPherson was interviewed on this podcast recently)
  • Justin Sunseri’s “Polyvagal Podcast.”

Aspiring to become a Sex Therapist?

In Brenna’s everyday life, her most important everyday tasks are doing mindfulness meditation, and doing a short journal entry. 

Brenna’s advice for an aspiring couples and/or sex therapist is: “It’s important to understand how you relate to sexuality in yourself within your culture. It’s also important to explore views of sexuality that are new to you and ones that make you uncomfortable.

Sex Therapy Certification

AASECT certification is ideal if you want to be a sex therapist. You can ask to see your therapists CV to see what workshops they have attended and interview them to see if they feel appropriate also, but they should have some formal training.

Connect with other couples and sex therapists. Allow space for different opinions and ways of learning/working with clients. Sex therapy needs to be grounded in theory so it’s important to integrate sex therapy with a systemic theory like Gottman, EFT or RLT. Many traditional theories that are meant to work with couples have to be adapted to work with clients that are practicing consensual non-monogamy or other alternative relationships.” 

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