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GTK Evelyn Hill Part Two

Getting to know Respark Austin Therapist, Evelyn Hill

Evelyn’s Bucket List

Respark Austin Therapist, Evelyn has several bucket list items. First, she wants to do a tour of Europe. She has a lot of ancestry throughout the European countries and she would love to just go country hopping. She loves exploring history and culture. The second item would be to do a foodie tour of the United States. One thing she finds fascinating is how much different cuisine we have in our country. A road trip to all the best food stops in the country is a must.  Finally, a third thing she would enjoy doing is seeing the northern lights. There is this glass ceiling hotel out in the tundra in Europe that would be perfect for it.  

Role Models

When asked about Evelyn’s Sexual Role Model, she says this is a 2 part answer. From an educational standpoint, she would have to say Dr. Jess O’Reilly. Her passion for teaching and providing clients with resources to use to gain hands-on experience while at home is very useful, and seeing the passion she brings to her work is awesome.  She saw Dr. Jess present at the Sexual Health Alliance conference in Austin Texas last year.

On a more personal level, she would also say anyone that is in the adult film industry that is passionate about being in the field of work. For someone to be able to own their sexuality like that and enjoy their work with such passion will always be a role model for me. Growing up Evelyn was always told how those in the industry don’t enjoy themselves, or are coerced into doing it, and while in some cases that is unfortunately true, there are also those that enjoy the confidence and self empowerment it can bring. Looking at different articles and interviews, especially different Reddit AMAs from people in the industry, there is an enjoyment that comes out that I want to mimic in my own life. 

Favorite Books

A few books that have influenced Evelyn are “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski. She loves it because it is like 3 books all together as 1 book. You have the main story written as a book, then you have the story of the person that found the book, and then in the appendix which is about a documentary based on the book. It influences Evelny because of how creative it is. It isn’t a standard typeface, but the pages are all over the place as it talks about a descent into madness. This creativity speaks heavily to Evelyn as a narrative therapist in the fact that we don’t have to be bound by what other people write for us. We can always make our story the way we want.

Secondly, “Lord of the Rings”. Evelyn loves the scale and epicness of the entire universe that came from the mind of an individual. This influenced her to always go for what she loves and don’t be afraid to hold back. Put passion into your work, and people will remember you. 

A few of Evelyn’s favorite podcasts are both by Multitude. One is called “Potterless”, which is the story of a man in his mid-twenties reading the Harry Potter books for the first time. She loves it because he is hilarious and has a lot of interesting commentary that comes from reading the books for the first time as an adult. 

The second is called “Join the Party”. This is a D&D podcast that has a fantastic story. It is designed for both beginners and those with experience playing. It made Evelyn a fan of the game, and getting to sit alongside these podcasters as they build their world is a lot of fun. 

Dream Vacations

Evelyn’s next dream vacation would be an Alaskan cruise. Evelyn and her wife have been wanting to go on one and see all the glaciers and forests. They love nature and would find a trip like that to be very peaceful. Have some excursions, get some drinks, do some hiking. 

Important Moments

The most important thing Evelyn does everyday is make sure that she hugs her wife before work. Whether she is leaving the house or working from home, she always takes the time to make sure she knows she loves her. Especially since life is currently changing moment by moment, Evelyn wants to make sure we get all the affection in that we can. 

The second most important thing she does everyday is floss! Good oral hygiene is very important because once the teeth go, the body will follow. 

Favorite Story

Evelyn’s favorite story to tell is probably the story of how she met her wife. She says, “We were on the bus in high school, and my normal seat was taken by someone. So I see this girl sitting in another seat with her headphones in, and just decide I’m going to sit with her. Now keep in mind, there were plenty of other empty seats to choose from, but it appears that fate intervened and had me sit in that particular seat. Now here we are 11 years later, married.” 

For someone who is wanting to become a couples and sex therapist, Evelyn advises: “For sex therapy, I would say to get rid of any shame that you might feel about going into this field. For the longest time, I didn’t embrace that I wanted to be a sex therapist because of internal shame that I felt thinking it wasn’t a real profession. That I was just being a pervert. I would say to take that shame and kick it to the curb. Live life to the fullest. As for couples therapist in Austin, I would advise people to be mindful of the space between the clients. That is where a couples therapist’s work resides. Be careful not to let yourself be triangled into the relationship.”

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