Brenna Ansley is one of our inspiring Texas therapists currently seeing clients dealing with relationship and sexuality issues through online therapy. She is authentic, empathetic and compassionate with all her clients.

Training and Theory

In graduate school, Brenna focused on a dual track program in professional counseling and marriage and family therapy.  This allowed her to focus on systemic therapy, or couples and relationship counseling. Before starting graduate school for counseling, Brenna attended events and volunteered with the Sexual Health Alliance. She started studying sexuality and culture in her undergraduate work.

Brenna primarily works from Relational Cultural Theory. This is a foundational theory for her because relational and feminist principles are very important to work. “We know a lot more the why in how people connect and disconnect and relate to each other.” Brenna mindful of how those theories are a product of the dominant culture adapts it to fit clients that are in non-traditional relationships. 

First Session

In the very first session with clients, Brenna hopes to accomplish a sense of non-judgment and safety. It’s important to feel understood and seen. Brenna says, “If clients are sharing intimate details about their history and sexuality, I want them to feel safe and share at their own pace once they trust me and feel secure within the therapeutic relationship.” 

Brenna specializes in clients that want to explore their sexuality individually or within relationships counseling. If clients want someone that has expertise in poly and kink, Brenna would be a good fit for them. She puts a lot of care and research into any client case that she has, regardless. 

How to “Respark” your Sex Life

According to Brenna, two ways that clients can “Respark” their love life or their sex life is by slowing down, being present, and creating space for each other. Brenna explains that you can maintain the passion in your relationship by “keeping what is best for the relationship or career in mind, but also not sacrificing yourself or your desire. It’s about the balance between those two things and the balance between being separate and being together.” 

What’s on s bucket list for this Sex Therapist?

Three items on the top of Brenna’s bucket list are touring Europe, owning a home, and visiting all 50 states. Her next dream vacation would be traveling to Japan again, a favorite destination of hers. 


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