Dating Relationship Coaching


Find the spark you've been searching for with personalized dating coaching from a relationship expert

Are you hoping to attract the partner of your dreams? Do you want to finally find a healthy, long term relationship after too many attempts?

Many people form patterns of failed relationships by “choosing the same type of person over and over again.”

Dating again can also be difficult after a divorce, loss of a partner, or leaving a long term relationship.

Our expert dating coaching can help.


This Program is Available Anywhere in the World, Online.

This Program is Not for:

Those who are looking to casually date or hook-up.

Those who would benefit from deeper processing due to topics like grief, trauma, abuse, etc. These clients would be a betters served by therapy before entering into our dating program.

How Our Dating Coaching is Different and Why it Works:

  • This is a sophisticated, multi-step program where your coach is also a highly trained Sex Therapist & Couples Counselor
  • We understand relationship dynamics and all relationship styles, so we help you learn your personal style
  • Our Coach has a unique ability to work with faith/spiritual concerns or may not depending on the your desires
  • We are kink-aware, diverse relationship supporting, and LGTBQ+ friendly. We've seen it all!
  • We focus on helping you develop greater self-awareness and find like-minded partners when dating. We teach you the skills, encourage self-growth and do more than just set you up on dates and hope it works out.
  • Coaching around how to flirt, how to initiate conversation, and other fun and essential skills
  • We can help with building dating profiles/ communication skills/ dating skills. This is a holistic program to make sure you succeed!

Dating Coaching For:

  • People who "pick the same type of person over and over again"
  • Divorced clients, newly single, and those who are beginning to date again
  • People who have had many unsuccessful and short term relationships
  • Those who struggle to secure a date

Additional Benefits of Personalized Dating Coaching:

  • Clarification of your personal values
  • Increase you feeling of self-worth and self-confidence
  • Find the opportunity to have the type of relationship you desire, and learn what that is
  • A mirror to see how you're presenting yourself and how that impacts other people


$595 per Package, which includes 4 personalized, intensive sessions
3 and 6 month discount packages are also available.


McKenna is an experienced relationship coach and draws from her experience as a couples and sex therapist.

Her proven process is an empowerment-focused four step coaching method where you learn how to embody the best version of yourself and attract the partner that is your best match. You'll navigate flirting, building the right online profiles, and the first steps of dating successfully. Together, you and your coach will build the skills that will help you create and maintain a healthy and erotic intimate relationship.