Our Covid-19 and Healthcare Resources

We offer online and telehealth individual, couples, and sex therapy and coaching, and currently serve clients from Australia to the UK. At Respark, we are dedicated to helping you navigate through depression, anxiety, and other life stressors. Our therapists are experienced in providing successful and effective online therapy and coaching.

Clients tell us we're uplifting, down to earth and approach therapy in a compassionate manner, which is more important now than ever. We commit to providing high quality, specialized therapy and support coaching for healthcare providers, front line workers, other mental health providers, and those who are most in need during these challenging times.

Sliding Scale, Online Specialized Therapy from $65 - $150 per hour


For Healthcare and First Response Providers, we're specifically offering:

Are you a front line health care worker needing some connection and support right now? As we often see nurses, doctors and healthcare providers in our therapy practice, we understand there is a need to connect, vent and gain connection and community from other healthcare providers.
Join Respark for our FREE Online Support Group strictly for healthcare workers! These support groups are led by Respark Coach, McKenna Paulsen, and are free to anyone in health care who needs some extra support during this time. This is not a therapy group, simply just a group for people to connect, share stories, and get the support that they may be needing.

Healthcare workers, sign up here.  You must be 18+ to join!

Resources on self-compassion, staying connected, stress management, and healthy social media use in Our Blog

Meet your online group leader, Respark Coach Mckenna:

McKenna is our best couples and sex coach and therapist at our Denver Respark office! McKenna is passionate about serving her community, and is ready to take on this health care support group with her whole heart and soul! McKenna's partner works in the health care field, and she understands first hand just how stressful and scary it has been. This group is to allow the room for us to grieve and support each other as a health care community!
Covid-19 Resources
Psychology Today has published a great guide to managing worry and anxiety: Free Download