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Helpful Books and Podcasts from Respark Therapist, Zanna Haney

Sexual Education Resources that Influenced me in Becoming a Sex Therapist By: Zanna Haney M.A., LPC-Intern, Supervised by Heather McPherson M.A., LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST  One of the questions I often get asked is why I decided to become a therapist, and even more so why I decided to become a sex therapist.  How I became a…

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GTK (Getting to Know) Respark Therapist, Brenna Ansley Part 2!

Austin couples therapist, Breanna Ansley shares a few details about her life as a sex therapist in Texas. Brenna also has experience seeing clients in rural areas in Texas in online therapy. Here are some of her influential media resources that have helped her along in her journey. Books recommended by our Austin Sex Therapist A few books…

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TMI to Happy Endings

Our Respark Founder, Heather McPherson LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST was recently interviewed in Bravo. The article was centered on Denis Richards disclosing personal details from happy endings to penis size and cheating. Below are a few questions Heather was asked by Bravo. How can you have a sexy long distance relationship? If you are in a…

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Getting to Know Respark Sex Therapist, Brenna Ansley

Brenna Ansley is one of our inspiring Texas therapists currently seeing clients dealing with relationship and sexuality issues through online therapy. She is authentic, empathetic and compassionate with all her clients. Training and Theory In graduate school, Brenna focused on a dual track program in professional counseling and marriage and family therapy.  This allowed her…

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More on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | The Gottman Institute 

We wrote a summary of the four horsemen to predict divorce and an earlier post. We’d like to keep expanding on this important topic of communication patterns in relationships. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are: Criticism: An example of a critical statement is, “You’re so selfish” Defensiveness: When you’re feeling defensive, you might say, “Its not my…

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GTK Evelyn Hill Part Two

Getting to know Respark Austin Therapist, Evelyn Hill Evelyn’s Bucket List Respark Austin Therapist, Evelyn has several bucket list items. First, she wants to do a tour of Europe. She has a lot of ancestry throughout the European countries and she would love to just go country hopping. She loves exploring history and culture. The second…

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Is monogamy really possible? Or is it just not natural?

On an episode of Dr. Phil in 2012, Dr. David Ley appeared to discuss sexual desire and monogamy. Dr. David Ley explained a huge component of attraction, facial symmetry. Women are more attracted to people with facial symmetry, as our brains analyze symmetry as having good DNA to reproduce with.  Dr. Phil asked David Ley,…

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How to Stop Blaming in your Relationship

Brene Brown begins her video by asking, “How many of you when something goes wrong, you want to know who’s fault it is?”  One day, Brene was in the kitchen and dropped a full cup of hot coffee on the tile floor. It splashed all over her white pants and went everywhere. The first thing that…

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GTK Respark Therapist, Evelyn Hill

Today we are Getting To Know (GTK) Respark therapist, Evelyn Hill. Evelyn took a different path to being a couple and sex therapist. She has always been fascinated with sex and sexual identity and relationships, and how that manifests in different areas of life. She thought, “why don’t I help people with that? Why don’t…

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Influential Resources from Respark Therapist, Katie Green

Respark Therapist, Katie Green is one of our couples and sex therapist in Austin. Katie also has experience seeing clients throughout the state of Texas in online therapy. Here are some of her influential media resources that have helped her along in her journey to becoming one of the best sex therapists in Austin. Some books…

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