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Our Austin Therapy Team

Austin, Texas

We Offer Two Convenient Locations:

North Central Austin: 1705 West Koenig Lane

South Austin: 2499 South Capital of Texas Highway, Building A, Suite 105

Fees range from $65/hr to $200/hr depending on experience.


Zanna Haney - Respark Therapist

Zanna Haney, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Supervised by Heather McPherson, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST

Zanna understands that taking the step to begin therapy is a brave and powerful moment. Therefore, she works to provide a safe space for her clients to explore their current and past struggles. She works from a client-centered and strength-based approach to help empower her clients. She practices integrative psychotherapy, incorporating a variety of interventions including mindfulness techniques, narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mind/body connection, sex positive therapy, and existential therapy. She works collaboratively with clients to help them understand themselves on a deeper level and help identify the thoughts and beliefs that create their experience. Together, she and the client will address the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve them.

She works with individuals and couples that struggle with anxiety, depression, transitions, low self-esteem, perfectionism, gender and sexuality identity, as well as various relationship issues. She brings experience working with clients that have experienced trauma, people that identify as LGBTQ+, as well as those in non-traditional relationships (i.e: polyamory, open relationships) and those whom practice alternative sexuality (i.e: kink).


Vielca McBride - Respark Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Sexual struggles are more common than you think. If you are looking for a safe, comfortable and confidential environment, you are in the right place. I’ll put you at ease and you’ll find that working with me is a warm, comforting experience. Some of my areas of expertise are sexual pain, open/poly lifestyles, recovering from an affair, revitalizing sexual relationships, low libido, orgasm difficulties, sexual satisfaction and “porn/sex addiction”. Vielca also welcomes the LGBTQ+ and kink communities. Sexual vitality and pleasure are essential parts of being alive. Let’s add more play, intimacy and excitement to your life!

Vielca offers therapy in Spanish and English. She began her sexuality studies in 2001. She is a licensed counselor in both Costa Rica and the US. Her interest in mindfulness led her to become a yoga instructor, avid meditation and a Tantra practitioner. Her focus is holistic and relational.


Jamie Mayo-Buttry - Respark Therapist

Jamie Mayo-Buttry, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Licensed Clinical Dependency Counselor Intern, Licensed Professional Mediator, Supervised by Heather McPherson, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST

When you step into my office you will be warmly greeted in a judgement-free setting. The therapeutic process starts with a through assessment to really get to know who you are and where you are at, because the issues you have don’t define who you are as a person. We will work together to identify the problem areas and employ the therapeutic process to foster growth. In an effort to best facilitate that growth, I have trained in therapeutic theories including CBT, DBT, EFT, and Gottman therapy for couples. My personal brand of therapy employs a person-centered approach, using narrative therapy to separate you from your issues and rewrite the story of your life to reflect who you truly are. I believe the therapeutic process needs to be direct, honest, and specifically tailored to the nuances of you and your situation.

respark associate

Katie Green - Respark Therapist

Katie Green, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Supervised by Heather McPherson, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST

Specializing in LGBTQ+ issues and Bereavement issues

She has enjoyed working with many transgender men on exploring and constructing their own masculine identity in particular.

The desire to know one's self intimately and for that self to be known and safe in the presence of others is a vital part of the human experience. Therapy is a space where you can practice deepening intimacy with yourself, so that you can share yourself more fully with others. I am a sex-positive therapist who strives to create a safe, non-judgmental environment that is welcoming to all bodies, orientations, relationship configurations, and lifestyles. Your body is not wrong or broken; all of you are welcome here.


Jessica Baker - Respark Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

Her approach to psychotherapy is rooted in assisted self study to unfold the unique ways you are attached and organized around your experience. She works with women and men who struggle from feelings of "out of control" sexual behaviors to desire issues. She has experience working with adults who have a history of childhood abuse/neglect and helps them understand how this impacts their ability to have meaningful and nourishing sexual experiences. Jessica has been formally trained and mentored in trauma-informed therapies, helping clients to overcome their somatic symptoms and mental distress caused from negative childhood experiences.

She welcomes all gender and sexual diversities.


Brenna Ansley - Respark Therapist

Brenna Ansley, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, EMDR Trained, Supervised by Heather McPherson, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST

Brenna approaches each client from a non-judgmental stance while working to understand the clients’ unique worldview. There are many lenses that can be applied to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others and as a therapist she works to collaborate with the client to understand the influence of previous relationships and cultural images. She works from a feminist standpoint through Relational-Cultural Therapy and practices EMDR. We grow through action in relationship with others including the therapeutic relationship and in relationships that are connected, authentic, have mutual empathy and mutual empowerment.

Her background is in art, psychology and gender/sexuality studies, specifically critiquing cultural representations of sexuality. Brenna is passionate about working with clients that are LGBTQ+, in more than monogamous relationships and practice alternative sexuality and lifestyles. She brings in-depth knowledge of kink and sees its potential to be positive, healing and spiritual. She sees consensual non-monogamy as a path of self-understanding and relational growth. She has both lived experience and professional training which have shaped her understanding of these topics. She believes in the healing power of pleasure.


Evelyn Hill - Respark Therapist

Evelyn Hill, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Supervised by Heather McPherson, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST

Evelyn understands and appreciates that everyone goes through life at a different pace, and taking time out to gain insight and understanding of ourselves can be quite the experience. She takes the time to help her clients feel comfortable staying in this therapeutic space for a while, and embark on a journey of self discovery and healing. As a member of the transgender community, she understands the importance of being true to yourself. She works from an integrated approach, pulling from different areas such as: narrative theory, mindfulness, sex positive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy informed care, and Trauma Informed Psychotherapy. She works with her clients to reinvent their life story and tackle the thoughts and behaviors that are at the root of a person’s distress.

She specializes in working with couples and individuals that are struggling with depression, anxiety, gender and sexual identity, life transitions, trauma, family of origin concerns, and breakdowns in communication. She is passionate about working with members of the LGBTQ+ community, the kink community, as well as those that practice non-traditional relationship styles (I.E: polyamory).


Heather McPherson - Respark Founder and Director

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST

I believe real-life experiences deeply influences our work as a therapist. Heather has explored and played in 25+ countries and counting, which has provided her with valuable experiences and knowledge. She has also endured the high pressures of the corporate world, cross-country moves, anxiety over layoffs, exploration of sexuality, struggling to keep intimacy alive in a long term relationship, and career changes, which all contribute greatly to her ability to relate to others.

After receiving her B.A. in Business from Texas State University, Heather worked as a Sales Supervisor for Wyndham Worldwide and later moved to southern California and worked in the marketing and advertising industry. After a career change, Heather received her Master’s degree and furthered her training in couples and sex therapy. Heather has been in a committed relationship since the summer of 2000 and has been married to her lovely husband since 2006. She is lucky to be able to be in both Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas and enjoy reading, skiing, traveling and other adventures with her husband and 2 Dachshunds. She is incredibly thankful and grateful to her life partner and husband for being supportive and willing to accompany her on this great journey.

Master's Level Grad Student Intern Therapists


Jehree Anderson

Therapy Style: Solution focused and narrative therapy

Passionate about: The environment, animal rights, Immigration laws, and Women's Rights


Full-time Graduate intern with Capella University anticipated graduation in June 2020

Bachelors of Science Degree from Troy University in Psychology 2007


2017 AAMFT Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

LMFT Residency Track 1 & 2 with Capella University

RADACT Chemical Dependency Licensure Courses 2010 in Anchorage Alaska


Taylor Spaziani - Intake Coordinator & Clinical Manager

My name is Taylor Spaziani and I am the intake coordinator and clinical manager here at Respark! I am currently a graduate student working on my degree in couples and family therapy at the University of Colorado Denver and am beginning to work on my sex therapy certification.  I have wanted to be a sex therapist since I was in the 5th grade, and I have been learning about all things sexuality since. One of my favorite sayings I live by is, "embrace your weirdness," because I believe the unique qualities we hold as individuals are what brings the world magic. I think society has a terrible way of making us feel like we all need to look and act like one another, to mask ourselves into the roles that society wants to see us as. This is why I love studying sexuality as a profession because sexuality reminds me of just how unique we all are. I believe in the power of helping others embrace their unique selves, especially their unique sexualities. It truly brings me so much joy and I continue to thrive in my life long educational journey and a constant hunger for learning more and doing better for the greater good of my community.