As Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, we learn in our training that it can take couples on average 7 years to get help. This is similar to how long it may take to start sex therapy, although sometimes it might take even longer! Don’t make the same mistake. Sure, it can be nerve racking to talk about personal issues with us, but rest assured we have heard it all. Our therapists are confident and knowledgeable in relationship and sexuality issues and will make the process as easy as eating pie! 

Here are 5 signs it’s time to finally, go ahead and make an appointment. 

  1. Can you remember the last time you were intimate with your partner or spouse? Or does it bring up negative emotions when you start to think about it? If you’re frustrated, angry, hurt, avoidant or feeling any uncomfortable emotions….it might be time to see a sex therapist.
  2. Is it difficult to reach orgasm? Or, maybe you think it’s way too easy and you want to last longer? Has something changed and it’s alarming you? We have clients that have never had an orgasm, or not sure if they have. We also have clients that went through a breakup, or had a traumatic experience and now all of the sudden, their body isn’t working the way it used to. We can help.
  3. Do you think you might be addicted to sex? Or addicted to porn? You’re not alone. Many clients believe they have a real problem with sex and porn that is hurting themselves and loved ones. We approach this issue from a non-shaming perspective and create change through a strengths based discussion and assessment. We follow the works of Michael Vigorito and Dr. David Ley and have been successful helping clients release shame and understand and accept their sexuaity.
  4. You’re not sure what all the hype is about. Maybe you once found sex enjoyable, but now it feels like a chore and you’re at a loss. It brings embarrassment or hurt and you just want to avoid it at all costs now.
  5. Where did you learn about sex? Was it helpful? Did you learn how to talk about it with your partner? If you want to explore different sexual choices, lifestyles, activities or work through previous experiences or sexual truama, it’s time to see a certified sex therapist.

If you have experienced any of these issues, we would love to talk and get you on a path to pleasure and fun.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Respark Certified Sex Therapist: 512-537-0922.

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