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Respark is a confidential, all-inclusive, group psychotherapy practice serving clients online and from offices in

Denver, Colorado & Austin, Texas


We've lost the spark. My relationships have become complicated. I feel embarrassed. 

"We have a great marriage, except our sex life..."

"I'm longing for a deeper connection and need ideas..."

"We have have trust issues and past trauma..."

"We are open/poly and it's become complicated..."

You're not alone. We can help. Together, we help you gain confidence, rebuild trust, increase playfulness, learn new skills, and find passion and meaning in your relationships and life.

Our clients typically have concerns related to communication, anxiety/depression, relationship conflicts, career or transition issues, desire mismatch, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction, performance issues, polyamorous/open relationships, "sex addiction" or problematic sexual behaviors, infidelity or affairs, sexless marriages, or trauma.

Respark Therapy & Associates provides high-quality sex therapy, couples therapy, and individual counseling in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas. (Currently, all services are provided online via telehealth or online therapy.) We are a loving group practice that is inclusive and affirming of all orientations, lifestyles, beliefs, and relationship styles. All our therapists invest continuously in advanced training and are supervised by Respark founder, Heather McPherson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor (LMFT-S), Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) and AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist.

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Why Respark

"Respark" specializes in sparking desire, creating passion, and relighting the fire of love for your life in Austin, Denver as well as online throughout Texas and Colorado.

Clients choose Respark Therapy because:

We are a team of highly-specialized therapists who are committed to serving our clients’ individual and relationship needs.

We have a combined 40+ years of experience between our team members and a wide array of specialties and certifications.

We provide the most up to date and effective therapy because our clinicians are highly trained in relationship issues as well as sexuality issues. Most couples therapists do not receive any education in sexuality.

We are a diverse team which only strengthens our ability to serve all communities.

We continuously seek advanced, expert training opportunities in sexuality and relationship issues.

We value your privacy and understand the needs of VIP and high profile clients.

We integrate humor into our work because we believe laughter softens the trials and tribulations we all encounter in life.

At Respark Therapy, we commit to serving you at every twist and turn in your relationship and individual journey.


Our Respark-ology is a pledge to:

Be judgement free

Un-diagnose you, when necessary

Tailor the sessions to your unique needs

Be authentic and compassionate with you

Help you gain insight by exploring your goals and pain spots

Jointly help you develop better coping strategies and solutions

Explore how to accomplish your dreams and create lasting change

Help you Respark your life in all the ways possible.


We do this because we love it. We are passionately invested in giving you a passionate life. We love our clients: They are courageous and beautiful people that long for a more passionate life.

Our mission is to help you be free. Free of how society told you to behave. Free to be wild in the best of ways. We only hire the most kind, generous and inclusive therapists that are committed to helping you be free.

We are not for everyone. We talk a lot about relationships in all the many forms. We talk a lot about sex. Most of our team cusses but we strive to be gentle and loving. And, we are unmistakably a force of kindness first. 

If you're struggling with your relationships, sexuality or life transitions, we can help. I founded of Respark to provide provide the highest quality sex therapy, couples therapy and individual counseling.

-Heather McPherson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor (LMFT-S), a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.

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Respark Therapy is an experienced boutique group therapy practice proudly serving Denver Colorado and Austin Texas as well as offering online services.


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