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Founded in Austin Texas by Heather McPherson, M.A., LPC-S, LMFT,
Respark is a confidential, all-inclusive couples and sex-positive psychotherapy practice.

About Respark

If you're struggling with your relationships, sexuality or transitions (career, school, moving, etc.), I can help. As the founder of Respark, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S). Whether you've lost the Spark (or it's slowly fading) in your personal life, love life or sex life; I offer a space to learn and grow.

My clients typically have concerns related to communication, relationship conflicts, career or transition issues, desire discrepancy, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction, polyamorous/open relationships, LGBTQQIA, "sex addiction"/compulsive or problematic sexual behaviors, infidelity or affairs, sexless marriages and trauma.

I help clients gain confidence, rebuild trust, increase playfulness, and find passion and meaning in their relationships and lives. Individuals, couples, partnerships and marriages are all welcome in my practice; which is founded upon creating a confidential and safe environment that is accepting and inclusive of all orientations, lifestyles, beliefs and relationship practices.



Clients tell me I'm friendly, down to earth and approach therapy in a collaborative manner. I offer a holistic, gentle yet direct, and tailored approach that includes well-researched theories with a relational foundation. These can include Post Modern Theories like Narrative, Solution Focused, Sex Positive Coaching, Mindfulness and other interventions tailored to your unique needs. We will learn new techniques, assign at-home exercises, reading assignments, have in-session guided exercises and other activities that make therapy fun and productive.

If you are on the quest for erotic vitality, missing the connection and playfulness with your partner or simply wanting to regain your lust for life, I can help.

Call me (512) 553-6310 for a free 20 minute phone consultation to see if I'm the right therapist for you, or email heather@respark.co



Couples, Marriage and Relationship Therapy: Do you want to be more connected to your partner? Are you tired of fighting or feeling stuck? I have experience helping individuals and couples improve their intimacy, strengthen communication skills, and enhance their partnership. I have the unique ability to integrate Sex Positive Coaching into Couple's Therapy, when needed, to spark greater change. Together we can resolve conflicts and light the fire by learning practical tools that will stick. These can include proven strategies and techniques from Gottman Method, Sex Positive Coaching, Narrative Therapy, and Brief Solution Focused Therapies. We'll work together to form an approach that will be tailored to your goals. Leading researchers, including John Gottman, David Schnarch, Esther Perel, Brené Brown, Sue Johnson, influence my therapeutic work with couples and individuals. Please see below for all the current research and workshops I have attended.

Couples, Marriage and Relationship Therapy can include:

Life and Career Transitions Infidelity/Affair Intergenerational Issues
Communication and Skill Building Sexuality, Intimacy and Passion Money and Finances
Blended Families or More Than Two Parents Trust Building Emotional or Sexual Abuse

Individual Psychotherapy or Therapy for Sexual Issues: Are you desiring more excitement, passion or peace in your life? Would you like to work individually on your relationships? Our work could focus on life transition issues, anxiety, sexuality, career or trauma. I often enjoy working individually with men and women that want to explore their sexual development or relational attitudes and how it is impacting their current love life. We will sometimes incorporate practical strategies to increase their potential and desired outcome. At other times, we might explore deeper ideas that may look existential.

Individual Therapy Therapy for Sexual Issues Career Coaching
Anxiety/Depression No-Sex/Low-Sex Relationships Entrepreneurs/Freelance
Trauma Orgasm Difficulty Small Family Businesses
Social Anxiety or Panic Erectile Difficulties Transitions in Career
Identiy Issues Gender Variant Issues Returning to School
Family of Origin Issues Sex Education Gaining Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem
Life Transitions "Porn Addiction" Performance Anxiety and Other Fears
Grief/Loss Painful Intercourse Moving
"Sex Addiction"/Out of Control Sexual Behavior
Non-Monogamy/Open Relationships

Couples + Sex

One of my joys in this work is helping couples decode their sex life. Sexuality is often wrapped up in past generational messages, politics and religion.I encourage and support you as we tease apart the messages we have all received from numerous sources and work towards having the sex you want. As a Couples Therapist, we will work toward improving intimacy, strengthening communication skills, and communicating your desires. Being able to express your desires while also understanding your partner's sexuality and wishes can be transcendent.

Topics include:
-Increasing intimacy, passion or romance
-Desire discrepancy (one partner wanting more sex)
-Trauma: past or present
-Couples who want to explore inhibitions
-Increasing communication in and out of the bedroom
-Guilt, anxiety and/or difficulty with arousal or relaxing
-Exploration around sexual orientation or gender identity


Non-Traditional Relationships

Sex-positive, affirming therapy for sexual minorities. For those that consider themselves non-traditional, or living outside the lines, I welcome you into my practice. I am experienced and knowledgeable of most expressions of sexuality including, but not limited to, Open Relationships, Polyamory, Swingers, Kink or BDSM, LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer).

Alternative sexuality might not be the sole focus of therapy, but you still want a knowledgeable therapist. Expertise includes:
-Difficulty discussing sexual topics with your partner
-Family of Origin issues including abuse, neglect, trauma
-Coming out issues or concerns
-Shame or confidence issues
-Identity questions or sexual development exploration


My Details

I believe real-life experiences deeply influence my work as a therapist. I have explored and played in 10+ countries and counting, which has provided me with valuable experiences and knowledge. I have also endured the high pressures of the corporate world, cross-country moves, anxiety over layoffs, exploration of sexuality, struggling to keep intimacy alive in a long term relationship, and career changes, all contribute greatly to my ability to relate to others. I absolutely love being a therapist and admire my clients for their strength and courage. After receiving my B.A. in Business from Texas State University I went on to work as a Sales Supervisor for Wyndham Worldwide and later moved to southern California and worked in the marketing and advertising industry.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Heather has several clinicians that work out of the Respark office serving Austin, Westlake, Wimberly and the surrounding area. These qualified clinicians offer sliding scale therapy and flexible appointment hours.
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Heather is founder and CEO of the Sexual Health Alliance. The organization brings much-needed continuing education about sexuality to mental health professionals, doctors, and the public. For more information visit www.sexualhealthalliance.com.

I have been in a committed relationship since the summer of 2000 and have been married to my lovely husband since 2006. I am happy to be back in Austin, Texas and enjoy reading, skiing, traveling and other adventures with my husband and 2 Dachshunds. I am incredibly thankful and grateful to my life partner and husband for being supportive and willing to accompany me on this great journey.

Initial individual consultation (60 minutes): $150
Initial couples therapy consultation (60 or 75 minutes): $175
Individual therapy session (50 minutes): $150
Couples/Family therapy session (50 minutes): $195
Telephone or Distance Counseling is available.
80, 90, or 100 minute sessions are prorated.
For clients where additional privacy or convenience are desired, Respark offers Concierge Services starting at $250
(90 minute minimum). Need a lower fee or looking for sliding scale? Check out Respark's associates.

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There's not much I haven't heard about relationships and sexuality.
Respark's office is an independent therapy private practice in south Austin at 4103 Manchaca Road. This is conveniently
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